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Panta Rei


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Panta Rei is a concept invented by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who stated that “everything flows”. Inspired by this adage, this play endeavours to combine philosophy, dance and urban landscape while trying to find a place where philosophical thought can be given substance. For this first opus, Marta Bevilacqua has chosen a waterway, just as Heraclitus made the river the metaphor for his reflections. Two dancers perched on a platform surrounded by water are caught up by time and the changes affecting them. They become one with the river, letting it carry them away to an eternal rebirth, close to the dream for a brief moment in time.

Arearea - Panta Rei

"Panta Rei" was created in the baroque gardens of la Reggia de la Venaria Reale (IT) in July 2012. This performance has received a Writing Aid by the IN SITU network in the frame of the META project.