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Alina Stockinger

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Country : Spain

Electrico 28

Born in Graz, a middle-sized Austrian city with a strong and collaborative free arts scene, Alina Stockinger started dancing ballet at the age of 7 for 9 years, then switched to hip hop and modern dance. Much later, she discovered contemporary dance, clown and street theatre, thanks to  Ana Redi who made her work for La Strada and meet artists, among those Adrian Schvarzstein.

With Ana Redi, Alina created two street performances, and ended up in Barcelona for a clown and creation workshop withSergi Estebanell. Alina joined the group COLABSE that started as a site-specific laboratory and action group intervening in (un)common spaces like markets, roundabouts and churches before the group created their first touring project, “A Table for 2”.


Fascinated by the old idea of seeing people as actors in a constantly ongoing movie, Alina and her collective, Electrico 28, create from a place of observation of both a place and its inhabitants. Through long and time-spaced creation processes, the group takes time to understand a place’s rhythms, frequencies, sounds and people’s behavioural conventions, and create elastic performance structures that leave space for all variables and all the other surprises that an uncontrolled public space brings along.