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Cristina Maldonado

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Country : Czech Republic

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Cristina Maldonado is a Mexican performance artist based in Prague (CZ), who combines experimental theatre, dance, live video interventions, participatory art, new and old media in site-specific projects, staged performances and installations. Since 2001 she has been working independently, directing and performing experimental theatre. She has presented her work in diverse contexts and countries. Her most recent production is Stereopresence, a video performance addressing the topic of Alzheimer using multiple live video channels.

Currently she is interested in the concept of devising frames for interaction that are inserted in everyday life. She started working in the basic cell of interaction and framed a family archeology, art workshops and actions. Three families brought their old photographs and spent time looking at the pictures, talking about them, categorizing them, and exploring how to make a video-collage together through a video device of interaction that Maldonado prepared.

I understood from this experience how memory, creativity and affective connection are present in art, and that made me visualise types of interactions as artistic media that can infiltrate everyday life relationships and activities, in the understanding that a social relation can be a product of a designed space and situation.”

In 2018, Maldonado was in residency at Metropolis in Copenhagen (DK). She worked with the concept of exchange between individuals in public space. She worked collaboratively with a group of people/families with connections to memory, identity and involving personal narratives, artifacts, place and objects. And finally she worked with the perspective of rituals in contemporary society.