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Emke Idema

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Country : The Netherlands

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Emke Idema is an Amsterdam based theatre maker. Her latest works can be placed on the intersection of theatre, visual arts, sociology and gaming. Her questioning, slightly philosophical way of working leads to diverse forms and concepts, one of them the ‘theatrical game’ (STRANGER, 2012; RULETM, 2014). She thinks of the theatre as a mini society, a playground of ideas and a social laboratory, in which the visitor always chooses his position.

By placing her interactive works in diverse contexts, new material emerges. She writes about the ideas she gains in her practice and takes them up  in an article or a lecture performance. She likes to place them in a bigger public debate.

‘It is complex (always) without being complicated, and that is a precious quality. Perhaps it is through what she understands of language and what she credits her audience, her collaborators, to be capable of, that she enables understanding in others: the sort of understanding that is ever entertaining, although the sort of entertainment that is never without its complexities.’