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Patrick Dunst

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Country : Austria

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Patrick Dunst, born 1983 in Graz, Austria. Studied Jazz Saxophone and Ethnomusicology in Graz, Vienna and London. Lives as a freelance composer and performer in Vienna. He leads his own band projects such as: Tribal Dialects, the Duo Naima with Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Atma and Virtues and regularly works as a sideman with numerous bands such as: Jazzbigband Graz, Jazztett Forum Graz, Mereneu, Studio Dan and many more. Since 2015 he also is the artistic director of the Jazzwerkstatt Graz.

Patrick Dunst has composed music for theatre, radio and TV productions such as: Special Olympics Opening Show (Schladming 2017), PULS by DIE HEIDI 2016 (Nomination for the Stella17 category outstanding music), Ich:Sucht:Leben (August 2016) co-operation of aXe Körpertheater and La Strada Graz, and has performed as a musicians in theatre production with at the Schauspielhaus Graz, Next Liberty, Volkstheater Wien, MuTh with the Vienna Boys Choir.

During the last 5 years, the company aXe Körpertheater, which is co-operating with La Strada, has focused on productions with homeless people and drug addicts putting the shows outside into urban areas. The incorporation of interaction with the audience and also conflicts between audience and residents of the area has therefore been an important part of those plays. As a result the team around the head of this company Peter Ulrich has gotten used to producing very flexible plots and musical scores using improvisational elements. The social and team building aspects of this work, has become one of the most fruitful elements and has very much influenced the plots and plays. With the production Opera de la Rue, the company is taking this work to a different level, not only be placing the show into an open space, but taking a very elite genre the Opera out for a ride into the real world of today.