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Rita Hoofwijk

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Country : The Netherlands

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Rita Hoofwijk is a Dutch artist graduated at the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts (NL). Her thesis Verwondering verkennen1 was awarded with the annual thesis award of the faculty of arts. Rita Hoofwijk deconstructs and redefines what we might call common. She creates circumstances in their simplest expression, inviting the spectator to become part of it in order to see his/her environment differently.
She also creates installations and site-specific, spatial interventions. These temporary environments ask us, in all simplicity, to reconsider what is perceived as fixed and unchanging. In varying collaborations she explores the possibilities of the spaces that define her practice.

In the form of (final) direction, dramaturgy or scenographic advice, she also works on work of others.

In 2018 Rita Hoofwijk did a residency at Metropolis in Copenhagen. During her research time, she worked on her project while waiting. What happens when we fall into the experience of time as soon as we (have to) wait? In the city there are plenty of moments and occasions, when we are waiting, alone or together.
while waiting is an artistic research into the space or state of ‘waiting’. Waiting could be described as ‘having time without wanting it’. In this project I consider what might happen if we are able to access that other experience of time while we’re waiting. This concept finds its expression in a variety of forms.

1Translation: exploring wonder

text description

while waiting, 2018 - Copenhagen