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Country : Hungary

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Urgent Need to Breathe © Flóra Eszter Sarlós

Flóra Eszter Sarlós is a Hungarian choreographer, co-founder and artistic director of Ziggurat Project. She works as a creator of dance and interdisciplinary pieces with a special focus on site-specific creation and dance & digital technology. Between 2015-2017 she completed a Master degree in Performing Arts at Paris VIII University, where her research focused on perception in the relationship of contemporary dance to digital arts with a particular interest in choreographic installations. Keywords of her artistic practice and interest are site-specific art, immersivity, dance and technology, dance and architecture, interdisciplinarity, choreographic installations.


Ziggurat Project is an independent, interdisciplinary art collective connecting contemporary dance to other fields of art (theatre, visual arts, digital arts, music and literature).  The company is based in Budapest, Hungary, but involved in many international cooperations.
Its main focus is to create socially conscious, site-sensitive or site-specific performances connecting different forms of art in non-conventional public or private spaces and by that to contribute to an art that exists out of the walls of a theatre or a museum. Site-sensitive dance creation gives the company the possibility to engage with people in a more democratic, but mainly in a more personal way. As an art collective it believe in cooperative and research-based art projects. It is important to not to collaborate only with other movement makers, but to cross artistic fields or even step into other sectors. In recent years the company participated in many international cooperations (Norway, France, Slovakia, Egypt...).

In 2019 Ziggurat Project was in residency at Metropolis, in Copenhagen (DK).
During this time the company was mostly interested in physicality and the lack of touch or physical contact in public space.
Bodily Traces is a participatory research performance with four dancers based in Copenhagen. They worked on a physical journey always with one participant at a time using physical closeness, touch, weight giving, weight sharing, lifts and other contact improvisation and partnering techniques.

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Bodily Traces, 2019 - Copenhagen