(UN)COMMON SPACES Artistic Laboratory

(UN)COMMON SPACES first Artistic Lab, entirely online

Initially planned in Spain and hosted by our partner FiraTàrrega, (UN)COMMON SPACES first Artistic Laboratory has been completely reorganised to take place online from the 12th to the 15th of April 2021.  

19 partners — 16 Associate Artists 
16 Associate Citizens — 13 countries

This major meeting will lay the foundations of the project and will shape the next months and years, until 2024. 

For 3 days, and through various activities entirely held digitally, the partners of IN SITU (UN)COMMON SPACES will further get to know each other, exchange around Associate artists projects, discuss and select the themes on which artists, citizens and partners will focus on for the next years.


Discover all the (UN)COMMON SPACES partners, Associate artists and Associate citizens below.

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Discover the 16 Associate artists of (UN)COMMON SPACES project:

- Benoît Mousserion / Company L'Homme Debout (France)
- Zineb Benzekri / Collectif Random (France)
- Cristina Maldonado (Czech Republic)
- Donika Rudi (Kosovo)
- Eléctrico 28 (Spain)
- Emke Idema (The Netherlands)
- Eva Bubla (Hungary)
- Johannes Bellinkx (Belgium)
- Leonardo Delogu / DOM (Italy)
- Matt Adams / Blast Theory (The UK)
- Nana Francisca Schottlander (Denmark)
- Seth Honnor / Kaleider (The UK)
- Veronika Tzekova (Austria)
- Sauf le Dimanche / Emilie Buestel & Marie Doiret  (France)

Here is the list of the 16 Associate citizens selected for (UN)COMMON SPACES project, with, in brackets, the referent partners who submitted them:

- Ádám Kobrisza  (Hungary)
- Alessia Zabatino (Italy)
- Andreas Gortschnig (Austria)
- Dahmane Mazouzi / Michel Djiwonou (France)
- David Kaspar (Czech Republic)
- Domenico Ghidai (The Netherlands)
- Fabienne Quéméneur (France)
- JJ Tatten (The UK)
- Lura Limani (Kosovo)
- Marius Gronning (Norway)
- Paul Forecast (The UK)
- Stijn Philippe (Belgium)
- Tina Saaby (Denmark)
- Ingrid Guardiola (Spain)

The 19 partners of (UN)COMMON SPACES:

- Artopolis Association (Hungary)
- Atelier 231 (France)
- Ctyri Dny / Four Days (Czech Republic)
- FiraTàrrega (Spain)
- Freedom Festival (The United Kingdom)
- Flynn Center for the Performing Arts (The United States of America)
- La Strada (Austria)
- Metropolis (Denmark)
- Norfolk & Norwich Festival (The United Kingdom)
- Oerol Festival (The Netherlands)
- Østfold Internasjonale Teater (Norway)
- Teatri Oda (Kosovo)
- Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (Belgium)
- Scène Nationale De L’Essonne (France)
- Zona K (Italy)
- Indisciplinarte (Italy)
- Pergine Festival (Italy)
- Teatro Stabile Di Sardegna (Italy)