Audience Development Publication

Let's Get Inspired by European Practices

The online Audience Development publication Let's Get Inspired by European Practices! is the result of a wide capacity building programme initiated during the four-year cooperative project (UN)COMMON SPACES,which started in 2020 and runs until the end of 2024. 

To stimulate knowledge sharing on audience development among the partners at the European level, 17 staff exchanges were organised, and a representative of each partner organisation was hosted by another partner. 

This peer-learning process aimed to provide staff members with the opportunity to reflect on their own practices in audience development and draw inspiration from others. To build on these experiences, Matina Magkou,the author of this publication, was commissioned by IN SITU to develop action-research, wherein a journal was designed to guide the participating staff through the process, followed with a series of group discussions. 

This inquiry revealed the emphasis that the partners place on audiences and participation, the variety of artistic dynamics and expressions in public space art and the diverse realities this encompasses across different European countries.

For this reason, a one-size-fits-all script for approaching audience development does not exist. What is successful for one organisation does not apply to another due to the variations in operating contexts, policy and funding environments, the size of the organisation, as well as differing target audiences and artistic styles

This publication provides a snapshot of the reflections, practices and concerns related to audience development through art in public space, as shared by participants of (UN)COMMON SPACES and captured through a third eye.

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