IN SITU unveils new identity

Celebrating artistic creation and the network conversations

Following the (UN)COMMON SPACES launch, and in line with the structure evolution created in 2003, IN SITU is marking 18 years of activity with a revamped identity, celebrating the central pillars forming the network.

Bringing front the main pillars shaping the network and current project (UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024, this new identity celebrates the threads which formed and forged the ecosystem throughout the years. Central to the new graphic system, the colours are approached more vibrantly, always with the IN SITU main pillars in mind:

- the Artists we support — primary subjects and recipients of IN SITU effort, they come from all corners of Europe and now the USA, work outside conventional venues and participate in the transformation of our territories.

- the Partners and Citizens we gather — central to the creation and direction of IN SITU, the partners and associate partners identify and support artists as they explore new territories and conversations. New with (UN)COMMON SPACES, a "critical friendship from the civil society" coming from different fields and backgrounds will actively participate in the programme's exchanges.

- the Narratives we share — connecting artists with audiences, programmers and experts give birth to captivating conversations and reflections, which feed artistic creation and the network itself.

- the Activities we coordinate — collaborations, reflection, conversations… all the inside-work necessary to keep the dialogue with European cultural policy makers and institutions.


With more room left for projects photos and videos, and a specific focus on storytelling, the new identity is also celebrating IN SITU priority on artistic creation and the conversations that are taking place within the community. The whole process was thought with the objective to highlight artistic creation through the complete artistic process: research, tests, creation and dissemination. Just as importantly, the dialogue held within the network between partners, artists and citizens -which fuels all during the 4-year projects- is enhanced with a focus in IN SITU Narratives.

A new IN SITU website this summer

The whole process was buil with a digital focus on social media and IN SITU website to increase the network's identification and foreground the partners and artists. Thought as a hub for partners and artists news, the future website which will launch in the summer of 2021 will centralize all information and content created within the (UN)COMMON SPACES project.


Contributions from Associate artists, partners and Associate citizens about IN SITU themes and artistic topics occupy an important place in the project's communication strategy. The Narratives will work as a bank of European data adaptated to current trends to show the richness of artistic creation in public space in Europe that will last after the project, highlighting the sector and focusing on storytelling with engaging content for communities to interact with.


In alignment with their values, IN SITU chose to support young local creators by working with Studio Muro, a female-led design studio based in Marseille.