The international Residency programme

Metropolis Residencies 2018 - Metropolis Residencies 2018

To produce works that reflect the local context or that are inspired by other contexts and involve the audience, artists need to immerse themselves deeply into the local environment. This is the basis behind a new residency programme under IN SITU ACT (2016-2020).

How to develop a project in another context

The IN SITU members choose a residency location within the network that is the most relevant for a project they support. These residencies are hosted by members who use their tools and know-how to help artists develop their projects. Some run creative spaces able to receive artistic teams wanting to develop or rehearse, while others develop creative residencies that coincide with their festivals. In doing so, they foster residencies that enable artists to immerse themselves locally.IN SITU also offers residency opportunities outside of Europe, particularly in collaboration with associated members. These residencies are important as they give artists a chance to encounter different contexts, sometimes outside their “comfort zone”, and the possibility to show their works elsewhere in the world.

The IN SITU residencies 

In 2017

Mischief La-Bas(UK) in Prishtina (XK) welcomed by ODA Teatri (12-27 July)

In 2018

Cristina Maldonado (MX/CZ) in Copenhagen (DK) welcomed by Metropolis (4-29 June) and in Prague by 4+4 Days in Motion (30 June-7 July)

Eliska Brtnicka (CZ) in Copenhagen (DK) welcomed by Metropolis (10 August-4 September)

Rita Hoofwijk (NL) in Copenhagen (DK) welcomed by Metropolis (4-29 June)

Naja Lee Jensen (NO) in Copenhagen (DK) welcomed by Metropolis (4-29 June)

Les Oeils (FR) on Terschelling island (NL) welcomed by Oerol Festival (18-22 June)

De Utvalgte (NO) on Terschelling island (NL) welcomed by Oerol Festival (4-14 June)

Judith Hofland (NL) in Copenhagen (DK) welcomed by Metropolis (16 July-10 August)

Ambrus Ivanyos/MeetLab(HU) in Prague (CK) by 4+4 Days in Motion (27 August-1 September)

In 2019

Matteo Lanfranchi/Effetto Larsen (IT) in Graz (AT) welcomed by La Strada Graz (6-12 March)

Ray Lee(UK) in Graz (AT) welcomed by La Strada Graz (25-31 March)

G.Bistaki(FR) in Moss (NO) welcomed by Østfold kulturutvikling (20-31 mai)

More to come...

The Snowball Effect (2018-2020)

In the frame of the IN SITU Residency programme, The Snowball Effect project in Sri Lanka is a great example of strong collaboration with a partner in Asia to offer residencies to European artists working in and with the public space. It's one of these few projects that brings together artists from very diverse backgrounds with the aim of creating an original and collective artwork. 

©Aruna Udaya Alwis


This project is based on an original idea by Neil Butler, Director of UZ Arts in Scotland, and brings together IN SITU network members (UZ Arts, l’Atelier 231 (France), La Strada Graz (Austria), ODA Teatri (Kosovo), 4+4 Days in Motion (Czech Republic), who, in pairs or alone, invited an artist from their country to join a six-week creative experience at the Sura Medura residency centre in Sri Lanka, which is an IN SITU associated partner.Under the artistic direction of Italian artist Matteo Lanfranchi (Effetto Larsen), this first group of European artists met with Sri Lankan artists and other artists at Sura Medura in November and December 2018. The aim was to come up with the first step of a project designed to grow through various residencies and venues, releasing a snowball effect that expands while gathering momentum.For the next steps, the core artistic team will involve other artists and amateurs from the European cities involved in the project, with continued exploration of the issue of communities.

The Snowball Effect Residencies

In 2018

Florent Mehmeti (XK), Aneta Fodorova (CZ), Fabrice Deperrois and Tim Hinam (FR), Matteo Lanfranchi (IT) in Hikkaduwa (LK) welcomed by Sura Medura (22 November-12 December)

Florent Mehmeti (XK), Fabrice Deperrois (FR), Matteo Lanfranchi (IT) in Sotteville-lès-Rouen (FR) welcomed by Atelier 231 (May)

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