2021 Tainan Street Arts Festival “O O”

26 nov. > 28 nov.

Tainan, Taiwan

This biennial event allows the free flow of art to take place in the public space, emphasizing the distinctive features of the beautiful city Tainan, while creating an iconic platform for communication amongst creators and the locals.

This year, the festival will start on the main stage on Hainan Road and extend towards ‘The Spring’ Park, symbolizing the Five Old Channels of the old capital: not only did the channels open business trade but also blossomed local faiths and religions, as well as bedded cultural development. Therefore, this year we have decided to base this as the theme of the festival and name the event “O O”. Whether it be the cardboard boxes children play with, the vehicle in which families takes trips with, or the spacecraft carrying all of the human hope as created by the novelist; everyone can use their imagination and embark on a journey to explore the unique qualities of Tainan, creating great memorable moments with the city. 

The era of the pandemic is full of uncertainty for the future, and we are beyond excited to see all of the creative energy of the country come together this year at the 2021 Tainan Street Arts Festival. Art will become a medium between people, and between people and the environment; emphasizing being in the present, cherishing every encounter, and channeling that energy into a conversation. Artists will present different types of performances inspired by the creative energy the city of Tainan has provided, with performances ranging from theatre, to circus, to dance, to music, to athletics, and more. Performances may also be a hybrid of different fields, where the unique dialogues will allow the public to share the sense of exploration, and enjoy the endless energy the city has to offer.

IN SITU artist Olivier Grossetête with Participatory Monumental Construction in Carboard

After his participation in 2019, for which local audience participated in reproducing Tainan Post Office on Haian Road, Olivier Grossetête is welcomed again for the 2021 Tainan Street Art Festival's annual grand event Utopia for All 2.0

During workshops, French artist Olivier Grossetête will lead local inhabitants to make numerous small parts of a monument in cardboard, to work together to assemble and build the monument on opening day, and finally destroy it in a festive communion.

Stay tuned! The classic building of Tainan landscape chosen for this edition is yet to be announced.