4+4 Days Festival 2022

05 oct. > 16 oct.

Prague, Czech Republic

The 27th annual international contemporary art festival 4+4 DAYS IN MOTION will take place from October 5 to 16, 2022. 

It will present a contemporary art exhibition, foreign and Czech theater performances and premieres, concerts, site-specific projects, workshops and workshops, discussions, a program for children and much more. For the twenty-seventh time, the festival will open an abandoned building in Prague, which this year will be the former sports center Erpet Smíchov. The festival will occupy not only the interior of the building, but also the outdoor areas of the sports venue, be it the playground or the swimming pools. Shows and performances will also take place in the Archa Theater and Savarin Palace. 

Full program coming soon.

"Being someone else, somewhere else, sometimes another time" 

is this year's festival theme, reflecting the current state of the world with humor and instructions on how to solve the crisis.

With IN SITU artists
> Eléctrico 28 (AT/ES)with '[ THE FRAME ]'
> Johannes Bellinkx (BE)with 'Continuum'