600 HIGHWAYMEN @Prototipi 2022

13 oct. > 22 oct.

Sardegna Teatro


"Simple but sublime ... the show alerts us to the awesome strangeness, and the utter ordinariness, too, of being alive in the here and now"

The New York Times


A 1000 ways is a triptych of encounters between sixteen strangers. Guided by a score of instructions, questions, suggestions and physical directions, from people who have never met, they build a series of performances for each other. Using a shared text, a suggestive tale of perseverance emerges that highlights the way we view each other individually and collectively, after all this time of separation.

Each episode of A 1000 Ways explores the gray area between strangeness and kinship, distance and proximity, and how a small gathering can make profoundly radical decisions.


Italian edition: Elisa Pistis

Production: Sardegna Teatro