Adhok @Theater Op De Markt

11 aug. > 12 aug.


with 'The Nest' and 'The Flight'

The Nest

Nine young people in an outgrown nest stretch their wings into the world of adulthood. This performance looks at today’s youth and explores what it means to be young in the complex world of modern times.

Le Nid is the first part of the trilogy Immortales. Theater op de Markt also brings the second part, L'Envol, to the city of Hasselt. L'Envol continues where Le Nid ends, but both shows can also be enjoyed separately.

The Flight

L’Envol starts where Le Nid ends: nine adolescents, fresh out of the nest, ready for adventure. Filled with enthusiasm and energy, they go looking for their place in the world.

They take us along on a journey through the city of Hasselt and on a quest for themselves, in which they are confronted with the reality they encounter in their flight from the nest.