Alexander Vantournhout 'contre-jour'

29 oct. > 30 oct.

Pelt, Belgium

Avant-premiere of the latest creation by not standing, the company of choreographer and circus maker Alexander Vantournhout.

People and animals leave traces on a loose surface of sand. They describe the ground with their footprints or paw prints and remind us of the original meaning of the word choreography: writing with movements .

Contre-jour takes place on a sandy plain. Five female performers walk, run, hop, move like a cat on all fours… They create impressions , which they erase again and again to make way for new signs, a new choreography. But also to be able to disappear, because leaving traces can be dangerous for anyone who enters someone's property unintentionally or wants to cross a national border unnoticed.

Contre-jour is the latest performance by not standing , the company of Alexander Vantournhout, where every creation starts from a fundamental movement research. After Raphaël and Red Haired Man , Alexander Vantournhout has completely opted for the role of choreographer for the first time, giving the stage to five female performers from diverse backgrounds, including dance, music and circus.