Benjamin Vandewalle @Les Tombées de la Nuit

A mobile observatory platform resuming its ambulatory journey following the urban choreographic trajectory of its four dancers.

08 july. > 09 july.


with 'Birdwatching 4x4'

In 2013, the Belgian dancer and choreographer premiered at Les Tombées de la Nuit, the 4x4 version of his performance Birdwatching. Last year, he returned to Rennes with his Studio Cité performance. This year, it will play Birdwatching 4x4 again and take the same route in the Champs Libres/Liberté district. The mobile observatory platform, functioning as a photographic chamber, will resume its ambulatory journey following the urban choreographic trajectory of its four dancers.

Created in 2009 by Belgian artists Benjamin Vandewalle and Erki De Vries, the first Birdwatching performance installed the spectators on a mobile platform which became the very object of the choreography. Still fascinated by the notion of perception, the Antwerp dancer-choreographer extended the experiment four years later by developing a mobile observation box, the Birdwatching 4×4, operating like a camera. The installation resembles a magic bus, an ambulatory observatory in the shape of a box of images, which transports the spectator by choreographing a trajectory through the streets of the city. Framing the moving scene like a camera, the device forces the spectator's eye to recompose the territory with their own visions, in which the interventions of the four dancers are embedded.

Artists, city and spectators enter and leave the image, in a flow that seems random, while daily reality and staged reality mix. Through a game of mirrors, as through a camera lens, the everyday landscape becomes a testing ground for perspectives, angles of view, fragments of vision and the unexpected movements of the dancers. This experimental choreographic journey gradually redraws reality, makes us lose our perspective markers to better explore our relationship to the sensitive. A Benjamin Vandewalle classic that never ceases to take us on a journey.