Benjamin Vandewalle @SPOT Festival

09 july. > 10 july.


with 'Studio Cité'

Studio Cité is an experiential project that turns the public space into a peculiar art fair of eleven different creative installations by Benjamin Vandewalle. Each in their specific way, the installations bring the gaze of the theatre to the public space. Rather than, like in theatre, creating a piece from scratch with the carefully selected set, lights and bodies, Benjamin Vandewalle works primarily with that which is already there: the streets, the architectural elements that compose it, passers-by, trees, the weather of the day, etc. These performative installations force us to use our senses differently, observe and experience reality from a new angle. Studio Cité installations operate autonomously but constantly resonate with each other in terms of content and form, and most importantly, they interact with the audience and the city.