Eléctrico 28 @SPOT Festival

08 july. > 10 july.


with [ The Frame ] + Workshop "Find your Filter"

SPOT workshop | Finding your filter  

A filter is a conscious gaze that permeates the eyes, the body and the mind and manages to conquer ways of intervening, thinking, defining or narrating something. Your filter is your essence, and this workshop is intended to find it and store it with love to transform it into an expressive lever in public spaces.


Inspired by the observations and arrangement of emptiness by the French writer George Perec, [ The Frame ] proposes to find a comfortable place to settle down in front of the constantly changing city life, as if sitting in front of a TV, in order to observe it, think it, calculate it, share it, designate it, take note of the most important things and share them... Four characters, trained in the disciplines of observation and arranging the space, the things and the beings, will help viewers see the city with the help of letters that become words and words that become phrases. For some time, everything becomes a big street play with no beginning or end. A play without a plot that wants to balance on the triviality and banality of the moment with the help of a magnifying glass. [ The Frame ] is an invitation to open our hearts and eyes to the irrelevant, as well as an opportunity for adventure. Are you ready for that?