Eva Bubla @Lieux publics

02 oct.

Marseille, France

with 'Tasting the Stream' and collective Szabadonbalaton

In 2019, scientists expert in ecology, in water management and social sciences are associated with artists to launch the project szabadonbalaton or “Free Balaton”. 

This name expresses the intention and aspiration to leave as much great hungarian lake, lake balaton, exist freely, as a living natural system. The events artists of this Hungarian collective invite the audience to a form of emotional connection to the environment. At the end of September, members of the team will travel to Marseille for a residency a week to explore the creek and the Aygalades waterfall. They will present their conclusions at the Aygalades market, inviting the audience to metaphorically plunge into the stream, tasting it.

Eva Bubla, member of the Szabadonbalaton collective is a Hungarian artist, activist, researcher and teacher, associated with the European network IN SITU. His projects are related to art and science and aim to raise awareness the public to social and environmental challenges, with the aim of initiating positive change.