Ex Nihilo @BILDSTÖRUNG Festival

The new production of Ex Nihilo is a site-specific performance in urban spaces that are in a process of change.

04 june. > 05 june.

Detmold, Germany

with their new production 'L'Envers d'Ici'

One of the major urban projects in Detmold is the development of the former Temde site. After a 5-day residency, Ex Nihilo stages the halls on the site in a multidisciplinary way with dance, live music and video installation. The plank as scenographic object and medium of storytelling constructs architectural lines sets axes and changes the perspective on the volume of spaces. In the performance, the audience experiences a journey through different moods. Ex Nihilo draws inspiration from the place and its history, revealing hidden imaginary worlds.

Cie. Ex Nihilo is part of the international network IN SITU European platform for artistic creations in public space.