Feral Festival by CIFAS

21 sept. > 23 sept.

Brussels, Belgium

On 21, 22 and 23 September, Feral invites you to observe the mutations of art in public space. 

Sensitive provocations, changes of perspective and a little dirt under your fingernails are on the programme, as this year, we will look towards the rural.

Feral is the new format of Signal, the banner under which CIFAS organises, on the one hand, meetings and workshops combining practices and experiences of live art in public space, and on the other hand, artistic interventions in the city, often participative - questioning the urban fabric of Brussels.

By questioning the city and public space, Feral follows the footsteps of previous editions of Signal festival which was dedicated to climate emergency (Urban Academies 2020 and 2019). This year, Feral also intends to question the new relationships between the urban and the rural.

For this edition we invite artists, thinkers and activists playing a part in this transition and new balances to testify and share their experiences.

We will question the transformation of our common public space, of our collective imaginaries, and of artistic practices in this context.

What if the binary and massive opposition between the urban and the rural was about to be outdated?

On the agenda: knowledge and tactics (shared experience, conversations and workshops), artistic interventions in public space (performance, screening, ritual, walk), even a ride on the Waterbus on the canal.

We will share our stories,

we will go to the borders of the city,

we will exchange on alternative models,

we will raise questions of privilege,

we will question the gentrification of the countryside,

we will learn from the soil,

we will build new commons,

we will confront the politics of food production, distribution and consumption by visiting the shelves of our local supermarket,

we will plant seeds

and we will celebrate...