Eléctrico 28 @BILDSTÖRUNG Festival

“Full House” tells the story of koala, dog and horse.

04 june. > 06 june.

Detmold, Germany

with their project 'Full House'

Each animal is busy with itself: Koala wants to love the entire world, Dog wants peace and quiet, and Horse simply has a lot of energy. 

Their whims make the tolerance barrel of the neighborhood overflow. But that’s not all, they get a new neighbor: Tiger. With his gushy nature, he completely overwhelms the three, but at the same time triggers a situation in which problems come to light and in which the neighbors perceive each other for the first time. Finally they meet at Tiger’s unexpected housewarming party.

The modern fable for children and adults deals with living together in an urban space; with all the challenges that overcoming differences brings.

Eléctrico 28 is part of the international network IN SITU European platform for artistic creations in public space.