Giornate del Respiro Festival 2022

21 june. > 02 july.

Sardegna Teatro

In 2021 the reflection on the Anthropocene crisis and the need for artists to weave multi-species alliances found a happy outcome in the municipality of Fluminimaggiore (South Sardinia) with the Giornate del Respiro, a festival of performing arts and the environment.

 In 2022 Sardegna Teatro proposes a new edition of the festival in which the community is at the centre of a process of dialogue with the artists in the area, assisting in site-specific projects, reasoning with the tools of art on new ecologies and strategies to "survive in an infected world "[Donna Haraway, 2019].

Giornate del Respiro intends to restore contact between art and nature and its living beings, besides an interaction between arts and no related sectors to create meeting opportunities.

The second edition also insists on the two axes of internationalization and training addressed to professionals and students by offering a programme that combines artistic performances and natural activities together with an in deep reflection on nature, environment and new ecologies. 

Focusing on breath – both a geographical and historical theme - a crucial node for the territory as well as for the contemporary world, the festival aims to radicalize the approach to new ecologies, tackling together new strategies for inhabiting the territories through community artistic processes.

One of the objectives of locating a festival in a small ex-mining village is to shift attention to the margins, finding new contexts that open to the experimentation of new models of sociality and artistic creation. The concepts of active citizenship and urban regeneration emerge and are designed in a perspective other than planning in urban centres.

As a legacy of the previous edition, Sardegna Teatro has renovated the former cultural centre transforming it into a hundred seats theatre now named Teatro del Respiro, where in autumn the organization hosts performances of artists who had already inhabited the area.