HAPU Festival 2022

23 june. > 25 june.

HAPU is organised by Teatri ODA and presents artistic work in partnership with IN SITU - A European network for artistic creation in public space.

HAPU Festival, which in Albanian means OPEN UP and at the same time represents abbreviation for "HApësirë PUblike", in English: Public Space, is a unique festival of art work in public space presenting innovative work developed in Kosovo and wider, undiscovered for Kosovar audiences. HAPU using the power of art gives a different, transformable dimension to the Public Space.

The philosophy of the creation for public spaces is more thorough approach by artistically researching the meaning of the city for its citizens, the meaning of the landscape or a cityscape for its inhabitants and its visitors with artistic creations providing another point of view by inviting the audience to experience a different experience, an artistic journey in the spaces they are present or pass by very often in their daily life.

With IN SITU artists:

> Donika Rudi (XK)with 'Laments of the Earth'
> Eva Bubla (HU)with 'Aroma Mapping workshop
> Agnes Nokshiqi (XK)with 'The Love For...' performance with Donika Ahmeti & Don Shala
> HAVEIT (XK)with 'Give it with Mouth'