Johannes Bellinkx, 'Reverse'

09 oct.

Budapest, Hungary

Like all of Bellinx’s performances, Reverse is about perception

 - by changing the audience’s perspective, proposing different frameworks, different directions, and at the same time proposing a different kind of experience for our environment. As we move forward in a series of unforeseen events, we give way to the possibility of looking back and purposeful changes of direction. Reverse, on the other hand, literally suggests a complete turnaround, making us confrontationally aware of how we see our world.

The Reverse performance walks backwards to walk viewers along a chosen city route, crossing both public spaces and various private spaces. The Budapest adaptation of the performance planned for the spring of 2022 will be preceded by a half-day workshop in the autumn of 2021, during which those interested can get a glimpse not only of Bellinx's way of working The workshop is recommended for artists, spectators and passers-by alike.