Kaleider 'A Portrait Without Borders'

25 sept. > 09 oct.

Burlington, USA

The Flynn is excited to welcome the American premiere of the interactive art installation A Portrait Without Borders, a mural created by the community and a team of robots from the UK-based studio Kaleider.

For this project, the walls of the Amy E. Tarrant gallery at the Flynn will be filled with drawings of faces of the community, creating a one-of-a-kind mural representing all of us.

Everyone is invited to be a part of this community mural, and participation is easy. Follow this link to find out how to submit:

The robots will start drawing by October 9, the mural will finish and be revealed at our Grand Reopening Celebration on October 23. We will livestream the robots in progress several times during the process, so follow along and look for familiar faces as the gallery walls fill up with portraits of people from all over our community.

Whether you have been to the Flynn or not, no matter your background, we encourage you to take part and make your mark on our gallery walls. A Portrait Without Borders brings people and faces together in one space, linking the community together through art, and potentially reuniting people who haven't been in the same room together for some time. This is also a chance to make a connection with the Flynn, to project yourself inside the building just before we welcome the community back to reunite and rally around the arts at our opening night party.