LEME Festival 2022

30 nov. > 04 dec.

Lhavo, Portugal

Festival of contemporary circus and artistic creation in unconventional spaces

No two bodies are the same. All bodies are similar, however, in the complex power they enjoy: they are portal bodies, intermediaries between us and the world. The great beauty of a body will never be its shape, its size, its flexibility or its strength, but the rigor with which its matter, our flesh, alive and volcanic, inhabits the universe, is kept in contact. with the Earth and with all other bodies. A body is not exhausted in its capabilities. It is a continuous experience, a place that is permanently new and the oldest we have. The body is an archive, a manifesto, a position, a fire. Your anatomy doesn't matter when it flares up. A body is nothing less than a revolution. A place of violence and wonder, of obstinacy and surrender. A body is a possibility.