Marco Barotti @La Strada Graz

30 july. > 06 aug.

Graz, Austria

with 'Swans'

The little floats do their rounds on the Hilmteich as beautiful as the swans. 

The intervention is far from being as delicate as it seems. Rather, the installation is bursting with irony, the graceful swans consist of satellite dishes that represent the garbage that the mass and mainstream media produce and that is so peacefully united here with the Hilmteich idyll. Wind, water and the sound of speakers on their swan necks set the swimmers in motion, invoking both familiarity and irritation, and challenging the audience with this perfidious fusion of waste and grace. 

Because with their sensors they recognize so much more about the truth in the water than is visible to the audience - and also tell them that very noisily.