Walking Landscapes - Liselund Laboratory

21 july. > 30 july.

Møn, Denmark

10 artists walk in Liselund Have and on Møn. 

One artist every day for 10 days. 

For 12 hours, they wander out into the Møn landscape and invite you to follow - in the landscape or on live stream.

The 10 artists have a special relationship with Møn. With this knowledge in their backpack, they take us to hidden and forgotten places on a journey into the area's nature, myths, moods, phenomena and secrets.

They explore the landscape based on their artistic discipline - performance, visual arts, dance, music, textiles, photography, video - and they use the surroundings as a framework and content for the artistic actions they create along the way. A story, a performance, an installation, a conversation, a picture or a poem.

Art relates to nature and the landscape in classical landscape painting, but how do contemporary artists relate to the landscape in a context of climate change, degradation of nature and a changing awareness of our own role?

For the artists, the hike is a space for reflection, a mapping and a journey of discovery. A free space with high to the sky and space for existential questions and high-flying thoughts, just as it has been for many of us at a time when the world as we know it has been shut down.

Together, the 10 artists create a vibrant, diverse and surprising experience of the Møn landscapes with new routes, new stories and new inspiration to explore for yourself.

Meet the artists online every full hour as they live-stream their actions on Facebook. Or see more on the website about how and when you can hike with the artists in the landscape.