PLACCC Festival 2021

26 aug. > 05 sept.

Budapest, Hungary

PLACCC focuses on works created outside the traditional venues of art (theater hall, gallery) - public spaces, unusual venues.

Placcc 2021 is organized around two main themes: on the one hand, we explore the relationship between art and nature, the environment, and environmental awareness, and on the other hand, we address the issue of the social definition of individual identity through the presented projects.

How do we talk about the issue of climate change and our own responsibilities without falling to the extremes of climate apathy or climate anxiety? How do we talk about fundamental human rights, such as defining individual identity in a way that is thought-provoking and not unnecessarily provocative?


Collectief Walden (NL) - Windstilleven

Thor MCINTYRE-BURNIE (Aswarm, GB) - IVANYOS Ambrus (Meetlab, HU): Resonance

Sensing the City - a series of public art action and symposium, curated by IN SITU Associate artist Eva Bubla

Shaymaa Shoukry (EG) - The Resilience of the Body

Sara LEGHISSA (IT) - Will You Marry Me?

Alicja ROGALSKA (PL), Katalin ERDŐDI, Réka ANNUS, collaboration between the Kartali Women's Choir and the Varsányi SZIRÉR - News Medley

Body Censorship - roundtable discussion