Sensing The City 2022

03 sept. > 06 sept.

Budapest, Hungary

The projects of SENSING THE CITY, a program series which was launched in 2021, have been addressing urgent environmental issues through small-scale, experimental artistic interventions. Appearing in public spaces, involving agents of urban life, engaging our various senses, these artistic projects create an inclusive space for creation and knowledge transfer, for research and raising questions, for identity formation and an opportunity for inner renewal, or simply a platform for experiencing the changing spatial experience. As such, the term “sensing” has a double meaning, as it refers to both the physical perception of the city (the reaction of the body) and the active sensitization of urban locations with the presence of the body.

The city unfolds itself to us through our senses. We explore our environment, its rhythm, atmosphere, texture, as well as its current condition, the impact of our individual and social practices through sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

In 2022, SENSING THE CITY is inviting international participants: Danish, Italian, British and Hungarian artists will present the results of a five-day residency program at the PLACCC Festival 2022 - in the form of participatory workshops or relevant thematic discussions. We will explore the notion of the Anthropocene, human and non-human beings, ecophilosophical perspectives, questions of energy policy, water management, or the relationship between air quality and vegetation.

Participating artists of SENSING THE CITY 2022:

Eva BUBLA (HU), artist and activistLeonardo DELOGU (IT), performer Seth HONNOR (UK), performer and visual artist Nana Francisca SCHOTTLÄNDER (DK), performer

Curator of SENSING THE CITY:Eva BUBLA, artist and activist

The detailed program and the list of collaborators is continuously being updated.

SENSING THE CITY is realized in the framework of the In Situ (Un)common Spaces project.