Studio Percussion @La Strada Graz

30 july.

Graz, Austria


What actually became of... the square concert? 

In times of rural exodus and empty towns, where there are hardly any encounters or the associated zones, let alone brass band music with medleys on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings. At La Strada, the composers Raphael Meinhart and Christian Tschuggnall will revive this tradition and lead it into the present under the direction of Günter Meinhart. With more than 40 musicians, they will reshape the power and splendor of the sound that inspires enthusiasm from the past to this day, between minimal music and driving grooves. 

Arranged and refined by Tscho Theissing, it becomes a panorama of everything that was once the first choice in the square: contemporary pop music, Robert Stolz, marches, folklore - and the sound of the Autodrome near the marquee.