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Mnemosyne is a site-sensitive project about emotional memories connected to places. Mnemosyne was the personification of memory for the ancient Greeks: daughter of Uranus and Gea, Sky and Earth, mother of the Muses. Art, in all its forms, arises from the past, or rather from what the past leaves on us. That is where the name of the project comes from: a modular, site-sensitive, flexible format that gathers individual and local memories in the wider idea of collective memory.

We re-map places on the base of the emotional life of the people living there, connecting locations with emotions to create an emotional interface with the spaces. Places that are normally ignored are in this way enhanced by the fragments of the story they contain. The project's goal is to create an emotional map of a place, starting from memories and experiences of people living there. The starting point consists in a survey; the final one in an installation where the public can visit places wih different eyes.

Mnemosyne @ La Fabrique de Théâtre