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Guy Veale

Hypha 1

Guy Veale2020

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Hypha is intended as an evolving, aggregate and durational work to be delivered in successive phases, using the metaphor of hyphae [from ὑφή, huphḗ, “web” and meaning a long, branching structure of filaments] to inform and bring coherence to several conceptual strands and a variety of outputs.

At its core is a unique, isolated listening experience for individual members of the public placing their head and ears inside a specially fabricated spherical “headset”, from which radiate a series of pipes, tubes and wires to connect and gather sound from the wider immediate environment. This “headset” will act as a central node in a wider network of “hyphae” filaments, inside of which the listener will have their hearing augmented, extended and altered in interesting, unexpected ways.

Beyond acting as a listening station, the structure will also be used as a recording device to document the sonic footprint of a given environment or site from a variety of angles and media; it will not be restricted to passive playback capabilities only.