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Stichting Nieuwe Helden

In Search of Democracy 3.0

Stichting Nieuwe Helden 2018

© Stichting Nieuwe Helden

A theatrical research into the future of democracy 

From Brexit to Russian influence and from populism to terrorism, European democracies are under pressure from all sides. If we want to organize power in a fair way something needs to change. But what exactly and how? Lucas De Man, his New Heroes and partners ARSENAAL/LAZARUS and Het Zuidelijk Toneel set of for a journey through Europe, in search of answers. In their new project In Search of Democracy 3.0, they work together with local partners to make an investigation of current democracy and its challenges for the future. With a traveling visual and musical show, full of stories and dialogue, they show how a young generation shapes tomorrow’s democracies. And wherever they go, they document what they find. This ongoing research will inform not only the theatre performance but also a documentary series and online knowledge platform. In Search of Democracy 3.0 presents democracy as an experience and gives a face to the diverse people of the European continent. 

Creative director and host: Lucas De Man (Stichting Nieuwe Helden) Host and performance: Willy Thomas (ARSENAAL/LAZARUS) 

Dramaturge and host: Sarah Eisa (ARSENAAL/LAZARUS) Musician and performer: Niels Kuiters (Stichting Nieuwe Helden) Research and creative production: Jasper van den Berg (Stichting Nieuwe Helden) 

Film director: Emma Lesuis (Stichting Nieuwe Helden) 

Leading production manager: Kim Eldering (Stichting Nieuwe Helden)

Follow their journey on their website: here

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