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Cie Jeanne Simone (Bordeaux, France)

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Cie Jeanne Simone was created by Laurre Terrier in 2004 to explore a theatre of the body as it relates to space and places. Their work is the product of an intimate and sensory relationship with places and explores human beings in their daily environments and the notion of community.

As dance highlights the architecture and uses of a place and its intrinsic theatrical value, everyday life turns to poetry and dance becomes an everyday thing. By mixing a structured outline and improvisation, They are looking for something in the here and now - freshness, unexpectedness and fragility.

Spotted by La Paperie.

La Paperie,Centre National des Arts de la Rue

France (FR)

Centre National des Arts de la Rue

Member of IN SITU between 2006 and 2019

Outside any consensus, La Paperie is a place of experimentation and clearing with regard to arts and public space. This assumption po-sitions itself in the spheres of both production and dissemination for which we prefer the term infusion*.

As the journey is more important than the destination, the question more important than the answer, we are currently exploring:

  • Taking the time to contextualise the work with its environment
  • Taking the time to bring artist, inhabitant and operator togetherInitiating a work written by their 6 hands
  • Subverting artistic actions to make the citizen a political actor
  • Allowing culture to open debate
  • Favouring the intimate over the spectacular.

*Infusion, from the verb “to infuse”: to bring two elements together for a time so that one interacts with the other.

Director: Eric Aubry