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Floriane Facchini (France)

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Floriane Facchini is an Italian author, stage director, and performer. She mainly works in public space and create site-specific art in France and Switzerland.

The company seeks to discover the human inheritance hidden underneath our cities. It explores the relation between public and private space and engage the audience in a process of co-creation: it fosters experience sharing and collective writing in which the artist and accomplices meet and unveil. Facchini collects material from dialogue born from inquiries, life tales and real or fictional autobiographies. Drawing from the real, the life tale, the encounters, Floriane Facchini & Cie falls within an ethnographical and relational approach. Attentive to the day to day and the ordinary, nourished from her relationship with others, Floriane Facchini & Cie invites to think about public space through temporary installations, ethnographic strolls and poetic diversions, with the ambition to reveal another perceptions of life.

La Paperie,Centre National des Arts de la Rue

France (FR)

Centre National des Arts de la Rue

Member of IN SITU between 2006 and 2019

Outside any consensus, La Paperie is a place of experimentation and clearing with regard to arts and public space. This assumption po-sitions itself in the spheres of both production and dissemination for which we prefer the term infusion*.

As the journey is more important than the destination, the question more important than the answer, we are currently exploring:

  • Taking the time to contextualise the work with its environment
  • Taking the time to bring artist, inhabitant and operator togetherInitiating a work written by their 6 hands
  • Subverting artistic actions to make the citizen a political actor
  • Allowing culture to open debate
  • Favouring the intimate over the spectacular.

*Infusion, from the verb “to infuse”: to bring two elements together for a time so that one interacts with the other.

Director: Eric Aubry