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ICI-MÊME (Paris)

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ICI-MÊME is an urban imagination team founded in Paris in 1993.

The ICI-MÊME group first made a name for itself with installations worked into daily life and a form of invisible theatre with larger-than-life characters: real fake prospective urban furniture, fake phone box shower, fake folding bench, fake time shares the size of a car parking space, fake developers, fake policemen and women... ICI-MÊME worked to subtly counterfeit reality and devoted its first works to the city of tomorrow. It continues to explore reality with “First Life”, providing audiences with immersive experiences which blur the lines between what is real and virtual in order to examine the place of the city in people (…or the other way around).

Spotted by Atelier 231.

Atelier 231, Centre national des ars de la rue, Associate Partner

France (FR)

 Associate Partner

Founding member of IN SITU in 2003

Atelier 231 is an old building on industrial wasteland, belonging to the French Railway Company (SNCF). It is now one of the 14 National Centres for Street Arts (CNAR) accredited by the government in August 2010.


Atelier 231 offers residencies for companies and support for creation. The artistic residencies  (about 20 companies a year) aim to offer a suitable context for creation on any stage of the artistic process.  Atelier 231 provides rehearsal spaces as well as indoor and outdoor construction spaces equipped for set design, costume-making, welding, joinery, stage instruments. Thought of as a friendly and open place, these residencies provide the opportunity to invite the public throughout the season for many presentations of the work in progress.


Conscious that his activity can’t be disconnected from his territory, Atelier 231 develops projects directly linked to inhabitants through artistic and outreach activities.

Atelier 231 directs the artistic program of various events among which his flagship event Viva Cité festival which yearly welcome around 100.000 spectators. Atelier 231’ other missions include cultural activities, transmission of a specific knowledge and resource center for arts in public space…

Director: Anne Le Goff
Secretary general : Guillaume Patard-Legendre