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Marta Bichisao (Opera Bianco) (Italia)

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Marta Bichisao is an italian dancer and choreographer.
After training in contemporary dance studing Nikolais Method and somatic techniques (Feldenkrais, Alexander) and working many years with Lucia Latour Dance Company (dance and new technologies), she approached at choreaography ( Fondation Royaumont).
Since 2005 together with the director and visual artist Vincenzo Schino she has been leading the performing arts research group OPERA BIANCO. In 2013 the sound artist Federico Ortica joined the group.

OPERA BIANCO has a dynamic nature and has been consistently reconfiguring itself over the years, welcoming many collaborations and criss-crossing different languages and disciplines, from oil painting to live sound, from poetry to architecture and digital culture. The creative process of each language has been crucial in the dramaturgies. In their work, these multiple disciplines often create immersive experiences that challenge the traditional form of fruition offering alternative points of view and postures.
In its ten years of activity, the group has created theatre and dance pieces, performances and installations performed in many Italian festivals and partnered in contemporary events.

In the last two years Opera Bianco is focusing on different (physically, linguistically, culturally) aspects of marginalised areas or decentralized territories, collecting material and open thought on how to offer it back in a collective, performative and ritual space.

Indisciplinarte,Terni Festival

Italy (IT)

Terni Festival

Member of IN SITU since 2016

Indisciplinarte is a cultural organisation based in Terni, Italy. They are internationally active in arts management, cultural projects and creative production since 2005. 
They support the idea of art and creativity as driving forces for economical development and social change and growth.

Indisciplinarte launched the Terni Festival in 2006. Since its very first edition, Terni Festival has been working on public spaces, crossing the lines between audiences and performers through radical, site specific and engaging works. Openness, participation and listening have always been the driving track and the solid backbone of their identity.

In 10 years, Terni Festival has been acting as a crucial place for exchange and dissemination for Italian and international artists. It has positively affected the artistic scene through its support to young artists mobility, promotion of cross pollination, the making of new collaborations and a long-term mentoring. Those objectives have been pursued through new forms of artistic residency and production. The program presents national and international artists active in the field of dance, performing and visual Art.

Artistic Director : Linda Di Pietro