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Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture

Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture, Associated Member

Italy (IT)

 Associated Member

Associated Member between 2019 and 2020

Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture is responsible for the preparation and the implementation of the European Capital of Culture programme in Matera as it is described in the Bid Book. Matera’s aim of being at the forefront of a movement stripping away the barriers to culture, especially through new technologies and learning, is visionary.

Formed on 3 September 2014, the Foundation will last until 31 December 2022. The duration of the Foundation is linked to the timeframe in which the cultural strategy outlined in the candidacy dossier (2015-2020) is implemented and to the need to manage, monitor and evaluate the outcomes and impacts of the strategy.


Cultural Manager : Ariane Bieou