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Nana Francisca Schottländer (Denmark)

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I am trained in Denmark, Spain, USA and Japan in contemporary dance, performance and conceptual art. As an independent artist I have created, co-created and performed in more than 40 projects since 2001 – all at the intersection between dance, performance, installation- and conceptual art.
Projects span dance pieces, performance installations, spatial stagings, choreographed events, exposed inhabitations and actions in public spaces. I use my body as a tool for investigation and creation; a sensuous presence, which communicates directly from body to body and body to world.
Key to my work is mutual exchange and co-creation; My projects are laboratories for examining life, often site specific, immersive and spanning longer periods of time. Each work has its own logic and is deeply rooted in both theory, literature, acute locational awareness and personal material.
For the past five years I have focused on the co-creational potential of encounters and ‘dialogues’ with other-than-human entities: bonding with rocks, co-creating with fungi and
portraying landscapes and natural phenomena through performance and video.

Metropolis / KIT, performance and art in urban space,Associate Partner

Denmark (DK)

Associate Partner

Member of IN SITU since 2009

Metropolis is an annual curated platform for performance and art in urban space, presenting around 10 site-specific projects between April and October and a programme of residencies, workshops and the Nordic Urban Lab. Metropolis explores the city, physically and metaphysically. Projects expand the notion of public in the city by being located in unknown, unused spaces, thus challenging the use of public realm in contemporary urban society. The methodology is the restaging of the everyday through the intermingling of fictive scenarios and real situations.

Artistic direction and daily management : Katrien Verwilt

Artistic direction : Trevor Davies