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Patrick Dunst | aXe Körpertheater (Graz, Austria)

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During the last 5 years, the company aXe Körpertheater, which is co-operating with La Strada, has focused on productions with homeless people and drug addicts putting the shows outside into urban areas. The incorporation of interaction with the audience and also conflicts between audience and residents of the area has therefore been an important part of those plays. As a result the team around the head of this company Peter Ulrich has gotten used to producing very flexible plots and musical scores using improvisational elements. The social and team building aspects of this work, has become one of the most fruitful elements and has very much influenced the plots and plays. With the production Opera de la Rue, the company is taking this work to a different level, not only be placing the show into an open space, but taking a very elite genre the Opera out for a ride into the real world of today.

La Strada, Partner

Austria (AT)


Founding-member of IN SITU in 2003

International Festival of Street Art, Puppet Theatre, Contemporary Circus and Community Art in Graz. The La Strada festival takes place at the beginning of August for a period of nine days since 1998. It creates an interplay between the city, artists and audiences.
The venues are the streets, squares and courtyards of the city, but also include theatre spaces such as the Graz Opera. The festival spots new districts as well as abandoned spaces and creates places, where audience and artists meet for the first time. La Strada also shows selected productions in smaller towns in Styria. Due to its integration in IN SITU, La Strada also works as a driving force of exhibited Eu rope-wide theatre work. At least 1/3 of the annually programme of the festival presents productions as premieres, always in co-operation with national and international artists. Austrian artists are supported by integrating them in the network of European festivals.

Director : Werner Schrempf

Artistic Assistant : Noémie Fonteneau