Kyoko Scholiers

Country : Belgium


© Kyoko Scholiers - Misconnected

Kyoko Scholiers is a Belgian actress and creative artist.

With fellow artists Louis van der Waal and Maarten Westra Hoekzema she founded the collective unm. Together they created open air and public space projects like Tussen hond en wolf (2009) in which the audience is sitting in a grandstand mounted on a cart pulled and The house that built us (2012) with choreographer Koen De Preter: a literally moving history of a random house and its occupants.

She specialized in sustainable and connecting projects about what it means to be a human being today. With Ruth Becquart, she created Letter (2011). In 2012 she was invited in Paris to write JEANNE, based on the trials of Jeanne d’ Arc. In 2015, she created Bastard, a comical-existential research into her alleged descent from Napoleon Bonaparte.
For her recent project Misconnected, she created an installation with fragments of phone conversations with people who are in one way or another disconnected from society.