Country : The Netherlands


© Willem Van Puyenbroeck

Superhallo was founded in 2008 as a collaboration between Martijn Jansen and Selina Houwing.
 Their main interest is to find ways to make art installations in which the senses are stimulated.

They like to explore different fields of interaction with their audience in their installations.
 Superhallo makes sensory installations and mini-performances that invite the visitor for a personal adventure. The audience steps into a sunny world where everyday rituals are transformed into miraculous events. The light-surreal world of Superhallo has already produced several installations. With their background of various disciplines and work experiences they started to think of an idea to make an installation in which the audience listens to a soundtrack while you are being served with little bites that fits the soundtrack. Together with theatrical effects this resulted in their first installation called de Eet-o-theek in 2008.
 They have then designed playful installations: Knol d’Amour, an ode to the potatoe, DJ Frietmachine, with a DJ playing a record for the potato to make fries while the audience dances with their potatoe.

They are each in their own way the stage for an interactive experience full of surprises. Every story has a tasteful climax that will send you back to reality with a big smile.
 Martijn Jansen and Selina Houwing, creators of Superhallo, travel to festivals, parks and village squares both at home and abroad. Their compact feel-good installations look great and make the public curious from the first glance. Their productions are international hits. Language is no barrier since the story is told in a universal language of image, sound, smell and taste. Through their intimate and disarming charm the installations are popular with both young and old.