Ruggero Franceschini

Country : Italy


Clarissa, 2019

Ruggero Franceschini studied acting in Piccolo Teatro di Milano (IT) and completed his MA in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins, London (UK). Coming from a background of theatre making and performing, he developed a site-specific practice merging psycho-geographic wandering, promenade performance, site-specific art, and guided tours. Since 2017, he applied it to different urban contexts: from villages of the Italian countryside, to Athens, London, Copenhagen, Denmark and New Taipei. He approachs urban sites trying to see beyond their status and functions in the society, with curiosity and patience. Together with collaborators, he walks through streets, trying to dialogue and engage with local communities. The dramaturgic and choreographic process of creation includes multiple methods: site-specific devising, improvisation techniques, audience participation strategies, set image making, materials recycling, etc. Ruggero is part of the company Eunemesi. Eunemesi is a performing arts company based in Milan since 2014.

In July 2020, he did a residency at Metropolis in Copenhagen (DK). There he worked on a particular kind of map: an ornithological guide. Ornithological guides are small and handy books that you can quickly extract from your pocket, and use, together with binoculars, to bird-watch. Such guides are an impossible taxonomic attempt of bridging the gap between a sedentary society (humans) and a nomadic one (birds). Nowadays, nonetheless, humans are also shifting to a nomadic society, constantly moving to escape, to work, to sightsee, both in our physical and virtual bodies. What would an ornithological guide of human migrations look like?