A Certain Value

A Certain Value is a multi-disciplinary format conceived by the artist Anna Rispoli and the curator Martina Angelotti, proposing a series of workshop to be held in six European cities until the end of 2019 and reading-performance to be toured in 2020. Each workshop questions a different group of citizens about the ambivalent association of value and values. These collective experiences are proposed as group discussions, irreverent actions in public space, or creative time-based residencies. They intend to challenge the participants' know-how about sharing and mutualization as much as their experiences of "de-evaluation" and "re-evaluation" of an individual towards the group.

At the end of the research phase, a script will compose the different harvested voices into a stagged conversation between the cities that will discuss the possibility of sharing value today.

The first workshop happened in October 2018 in Genk in partnership with Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (Belgium), the second was in Marseille in March 2019 in partnership with Lieux Publics (France).

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