Artistic Laboratory #4

Artistic updates at the heart of the gathering

16 oct. > 17 oct.


(UN)COMMON SPACES fourth Artistic Laboratory

Co-organised with our partners BASE and ZONA K from the Italian consortium, the fourth Artistic Laboratory in the frame of (UN)COMMON SPACES project took place in Milan in last October 16th and 17th. 

18 partners, 15 Associate artists, 7 Associate citizens, 2 associate partners and 2 external consultants gathered again to reinforce their commitment to art in public space and continue shaping the future of the network.

The members geared up for a fruitful meeting :

> The artists worked on a short presentation of their artistic work as they had the opportunity to update the partners and showcase abstract of their practices

> Citizens worked together to design a session of the lab

> Finally, the participants worked on the next steps of the project 

This meeting coincided with the 20th anniversary of the IN SITU network so we took this opportunity to raise a toast together to this long term success ! 

Lieux Publics and the IN SITU partners deeply thank the European Commission for the continuous support.


Also, the Associate Artist of the Italian consortium, Leornardo Delogu, DOM performed L'UOMO CHE CAMMINA (The Walking Man) the 18th and 19th October. An occasion for the network to discover this landscape performance, an urban walking journey of about 4h30 ! 

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