Hot House 2023

Hosted by ODA Teatri in Pristina, Kosovo — April 2023

A safe space designed to give Emerging European artists and programmers the opportunity to discuss artistic works-in-progress. 

The IN SITU Hot House was hosted by ODA Teatri in Pristina on climate change and sustainability in April 2023. It provided a chance to think about practice, get new perspectives, get a glimpse at new ways of interacting with the audience and with a local area, get a new lease of life, step out of the comfort zone... and always in a supportive, listening environment.

For this first open call, created in the frame of the project (UN)COMMON SPACES, the goal was to invite Emerging artists who are at the very first steps of their project to join the members of the network and to work in collaboration during a week around their ideas, challenges and questions. 

This year, the focus is put on projects that are connected
to the topic of Climate change and Sustainability.

This can be understood from different perspectives in the project idea and/or the process of artistic creation as a way to reflect, discuss, address and/or challenge this topic towards different audiences in Europe. During the Hot House, the selected artists will be mentored by Associate artists and citizens of the (UN)COMMON SPACES project and will have the opportunity to exchange around their ideas with them and the 16 partners.


50 participants attended this meeting and shared their experiences and views : 20 emerging artists coming from 17 countries gathered with 16 partners, two Associate citizens, artists of the project and the Coordination team. 

What is an Emerging artist?

It’s an artist or a company who is not part of the IN SITU network yet, who is at the start of its career or work in public space and unconventional venues or have a will to work in these spaces. The emerging artist invited to the Hot House come with an idea of a project, something they would like to explore, to work on and develop (and not a project ready to tour).

The first IN SITU Open Call in cooperation with the Associate partners

For the very first time, IN SITU launched an internal Open Call to identify 4 emerging profiles.

The call was shared in 5 European territories where associated partners are present (SPOT Festival, CIFAS, Bùssola, Bildstörung and ANTI Festival) with the aim of broadening the artistic perspectives of the network and extending its radar. IN SITU has been able to count on the involvement of its associated partners who broadcasted the open call, and contributed to the selection of the most relevant profiles in close cooperation with the Steering Committee.

Four artists selected through Open Call shared in the European Associate partners territories:

Lithuania via SPOT Festival — Belgium via CIFAS— Portugal  via Bússola— Germany via Bildstörung

> Elisabete Sousa, introduced by Bússola
> Moni Wespi, introduced by CIFAS
> Engel & Sommer, introduced by Bildstörung
> Marija Baranauskaite & Joe Kent-Walters, introduced by SPOT Festival


Sixteen artists selected by the (UN)COMMON SPACES partners:

France — Hungary — Czech Republic — Belgium — Spain — United States of America — United Kingdom — Denmark — Austria — Kosovo — The Netherlands — Norway — Italy

> The SVUNG Research Group, 
introduced by Artopolis (Hungary)
> Maison Courbe,
introduced by Atelier 231(France)
> Big Bouncers,
introduced by FiraTàrrega (Spain)
> The Broken Orchestra,
introduced by Freedom Festival (UK)
> Tora Balslev,
introduced by Metropolis / KIT (Denmark)
> Markus Jeschaunig,
introduced by La Strada (Austria)
> JMCAnderson,
introduced by Norfolk & Norwich Festival (UK)
> Yann Perregaux Dielf,
introduced by ODA Teatri (XK)
> Abhishek Thapar,
introduced by Oerol Festival (NL)
> Live Skullerud,
introduced by Østfold Internasjonale Teater (NO)
> Kasper Vandenberghe / MOVEDBYMATTER,
introduced by Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (BE)
> Corps Citoyen,
introduced by Base Milano/Indisciplinarte,Sardegna Teatro and ZONA K (IT)
> La Ville en Feu,
introduced by Lieux publics (FR)
> Juan Ignacio Tula,
introduced by Scène nationale de l'Essonne (FR)
> Tomas Zizka
introduced by Čtyri dny (CZ)
> Driton Selmani
introduced by Flynn Center (USA) and ODA Teatri (XK)