In May 2018, in Hull, IN SITU members selected 6 Pilot Projects that they will collectively support from inception to touring.

These projects managed to comply with the requirements that define the artistic vision of IN SITU:

- Scale adaptability

- Accessibility to big audiences

- Involvement of local artistic collaborators

- Projects with a social consciousness

- Relevant in an International context

- Address current/contemporary issues

- Leave a real visual or physical traceWe will frequently update this page with the evolution of all the projects. In the meantime, you can discover them below.

Kaleider (UK) - PIG

PIG poses a playful dilemma in public space from the moment it is unveiled. The idea is to make a transparent pig, about the size of a small car, placed in a public space. Hanging inside the pig is an illuminated sign that reads “THIS IS A COMMUNITY FUND. YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO IT IF YOU LIKE, AND WHEN YOU’VE AGREED HOW TO SPEND IT YOU CAN SPEND IT. #THEPIG”Between 2018 and 2019, Pig toured in Norwich (UK) at Norfolk & Norwich Festival, in Terschelling at Oerol Festival (The Netherlands), in Moss presented by Østfold Internasjonale Teater(Norway), in Hull at Freedom Festival (UK), in Marseille at Travellings Festival (France), in Dundee at National Theater of Scotland (UK), in Carlow (IRL) at Carlow Arts Festival, in Cork (IRL) at Cork Midsummer Festival and at Kelburn Garden Party (UK). You can follow it on, an online magazine produced by young reporters that document Pig as it travels around the world and read more about the 2018 PIG tour diary on IN SITU blog.As an IN SITU Pilot project, Pig has been chosen as the main project to be looked at and evaluated along its European journey. At each stopover, from 2018 to 2020, IN SITU evaluation partner On The Move will collect impressions and feedbacks on the different experiences triggered by its presence. By 2020, a final evaluation document will analyse, comment and draw conclusions from these experiences.

© Tom Arran


Foreign Tongue at La Strada Festival © Michael Loizenbauer

Liquid Loft (AT) - Foreign Tongues

Foreign Tongues puts the act of speaking at the center of a choreographic process and reflects the experience of contemporary urban life, its polyphony and multilingualism.

Each city, through its languages, jargons and regional variations, creates its own sounds. Some new languages or dialects might appear and become audible in a city, while others might be temporarily lost or even become extinct.

Liquid Loft investigates into the sounds of languages spoken by individuals in a region or a city, focussing on characteristics like tone, rhythm, dynamics or intonation of the speaker. The human body is – as it were – the instrument for these phonetic acts, which are then transferred as a music score into public space: How does a human being move in public space and how do the linguistic sound environments created by ourselves and others, influence our body-language? In a very subtle way, present, mythology and politics penetrate our daily movements. Language contains all of this, in a very subconscious and intangible form.

In 2018, Foreign Tongues was presented in Terschelling at Oerol Festival (The Netherlands), in Prishtina at Hapu Festival (Kosovo), in Graz at La Strada Graz (Austria) and in Hasselt at Theater op de Markt (Belgium),


Benjamin Vandewalle (BE) - Studio Cité

“The public space is where conflicting points of view are confronted without any possibility of a final reconciliation”. (Chantal Mouffe, Agonistics)

In Studio Cité, Benjamin Vandewalle combines a series of installations, performances and interventions in one place, square or venue in public space in a city, transforming the urban location into an artistic fun fair, a playground for the human gaze and a space where social encounters, discussions and the exchange of ideas can take place.Starting point of Studio Cité is the idea that the way we perceive the world determines how we think about this world and thus also act in it. By changing the way we perceive reality, we can challenge our thoughts and actions in and about the world we live in. All installations and performative acts in this project deal with how we perceive our everyday reality and questions how our senses operate when we observe, experience and engage with our surrounding environment and the people who are part of it. By choreographing the gaze, Vandewalle makes the audience aware of the potential of the world we inhabit everyday.In 2018, Benjamin Vandewalle was invited for residencies in Norway where he presented the project in Moss at Non Stop festival. In 2019, he presented Studio Cité's premiere in Sotteville-Lès-Rouen at Viva Cité Festival and then toured within the network at Metropolis (Denmark), La Strada (Austria) and Lieux publics (France).

Studio Cité © Ville de Sotteville-Lès-Rouen

Richard Wiesner (CZ) - Twenty-Eight

Twenty-eight is a site-specific installation representing the EU group of twenty-eight member states. Individual states are represented by translations of their national anthems, which are a central theme of the entire installation.The Motto of the EU, “Unity in Diversity”, however, highlights the need of individual states to define and build their own identity. A nation is represented to a significant extent by its symbols and national myths. The act of election and the process of developing national anthems often uniquely correlate with the creation of nations’ own images. The content of national anthems often conflict with the EU’s efforts to unify, and highlight the need of states to fight and protect themselves as unique and undisrupted space.A way of questioning the concept of identity against the current backdrop of rising nationalism across Europe.In 2018, Twenty-Eight was presented in Budapest at PLACCC festival (Hungary) and in Marseille at Travellings Festival (France). In 2019 it was presented in Norwich (UK) at Norfolk & Norwich Festival. 

28 at PLACCC Festival (Budapest) © Attila Balogh 


Lucas De Man (NL) / Stichting Nieuwe Helden - In search of Democracy 3.0

For his project In Search Of Europe, Lucas De Man travelled to 17 cities in 8 countries in 30 days. He interviewed more than 20 young creators (creative professionals), who are trying to change the society they live in for the better. What struck him is that there is a new generation awakening in Europe and that they are ready to fight for change. Inspired by this journey, Lucas made and performed a lecture performance De Man in Europe. In De Man in Europe Lucas uses video fragments of the interviews to take his audience on a journey past the most important insights and battles of the young European generation he encountered.In their new project In Search of Democracy 3.0, Lucas de Man works together with local partners to make an investigation of current democracy and its challenges for the future. With a traveling visual and musical show, full of stories and dialogue, he shows how a young generation shapes tomorrow’s democracies.This ongoing research will inform not only the theatre performance but also a documentary series and online knowledge platform. In Search of Democracy 3.0 presents democracy as an experience and gives a face to the diverse people of the European continent. In 2019, In Search of Democracy 3.0's premiere was presented in Terschelling (NL) at Oerol Festival. Follow the project through its website: here.

Anna Rispoli (IT) - A certain value

A certain value is a multi-disciplinary format conceived by the artist Anna Rispoli and the curator Martina Angelotti, proposing a series of workshop to be held in six European cities until the end of 2019 and reading-performance to be toured in 2020. Each workshop questions a different group of citizens about the ambivalent association of value and values. These collective experiences are proposed as group discussions, irreverent actions in public space, or creative time-based residencies. They intend to challenge the participants' know-how about sharing and mutualization as much as their experiences of "de-evaluation" and "re-evaluation" of an individual towards the group.

At the end of the research phase, a script will compose the different harvested voices into a stagged conversation between the cities that will discuss the possibility of sharing value today.

The first workshop happened in October 2018 in Genk in partnership with Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (Belgium). In 2019 Anna Rispoli and Martina Angelotti worked in Marseille in partnership with Lieux publics (France).

Follow their blog.